Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully.

Calligraphy is a personal style of handwriting which acts as a “seal impression of the heart” (Ya-tzu) The boldness of the East Asian master calligraphers reveals their calm and clear presence of mind.

It encourages the observer to pause for a moment and open his mind to the wider significance of the character / ideograph as it radiates an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Calligraphy and Zen

Calligraphy is the art of ´this moment´. Thus, calligraphy is closely connected with Zen. A master of Zenga is a master of concentrated, one-pointedness of mind. Ink-painting is indivisibly connected with mindfulness of the present moment. The importance of “this moment” in the process of painting, is the same as that during Zen meditation or Zazen (Za-zen, sitting in Zen).

The graphology of handwriting discloses the knowledge of the master. The brush becomes a seismographic instrument, the outer lines revealing the inner state. Mindfulness is completely/fully absorbed in the present moment of the movement of the brush.

The depths and vastness/extent of the Zen-experience determine the way the brush is handled. The surety of the handling technique is a measure of the contemplation.

Every picture or calligraphy is unique and an original.

CCF 15 Breath, 19,7 x 15,8 inches (50 x 40 cm)95
CCF 15 Breath, 19,7 x 15,8 inches (50 x 40 cm)95


C8-Healing, 11,4 x 11,4 inches (29x29cm)
C8-Healing, 11,4 x 11,4 inches (29x29cm)
Wahrheit, (True) 4
Wahrheit, (True) 4 40x30cm expressed cursive script
CP35 Enjoyment 15,7x15,7inches,  40x40cm, 60€
CP35 Enjoyment 15,7×15,7inches, 40x40cm, 60€
CP39 Water II, 15,7x11,9inches 40x30cm, 60€
CP39 Water II, 15,7×11,9inches 40x30cm, 60€
CP40 Enso 15,7x11,9inches, 30x30cm, 50€
CP40 Enso 15,7×11,9inches, 30x30cm, 50€
CP41Sun, 15,7x11,9inches 30x30cm, 50€
CP41Sun, 15,7×11,9inches 30x30cm, 50€
CP43 Life II,cs 19,7x15,7inches 50x40cm, 70€
CP43 Life II,cs 19,7×15,7inches 50x40cm, 70€
CP44 Voice cs,19,7x15,7inches 50x40cm, 70€
CP44 Voice cs,19,7×15,7inches 50x40cm, 70€
Erwachen (Awake) 2
Erwachen (Awake) 2 40x30cm expresssive cursive script


Herz, (Heart) 2
Herz (Heart), 2 17x27cm abstract
Herz (Heart) 3
Herz (Heart), 3 17x27cm
Mensch (Human) 17x27cm brush flow in curseve script